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Diaz-Canel: A better world is possible, necessary and urgent, let´s fight for it

Havana, November 4 (RHC)—President Miguel Diaz-Canel assured Sunday that Cuba will always welcome those who defend peace and solidarity and called for an end to the lies wielded by imperialism to dominate the peoples of the world.

"A better world is possible, necessary and urgent.  Let's fight for it," he said.

Diaz-Canel delivered the closing remarks to the Anti-imperialist Encounter of Solidarity for Democracy and against Neoliberalism that met in Havana with the attendance of some 1300 delegates from 95 countries.

The Cuban president assured that the attacks of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, will fail against the Cuban and Bolivarian revolutions, the Sao Paulo Forum, the Nicaraguan revolution, the political leadership of the Brazilian, Bolivian and Argentinean left as well as popular and progressive social movements from all over the region.

He said that the tanks of the cultural and symbolic offensive waged by the Empire always march at the vanguard, trying to legitimize the injustices of the capitalist system, disqualifying political alternatives from the left, and trying to destroy the cultural identity of our nations.

Diaz-Canel highlighted the participation in this imperialist strategy of the Reciprocal Assistance Treaty (TIAR) and the Organization of American States,  which is consolidating itself as a tool of political pressure from Washington and oligarchies that defend neoliberalism.

The Cuban head of State emphasized that they used lies to encircle Cuba for years, invaded nations, destroyed peoples, and pushed back entire regions from their path to development.

“With colossal and ridiculous lies,  imperial forces accuse Cuba, Venezuela and the Sao Paulo Forum of promoting popular uprisings in any corner of the planet while covering their eyes, ears and mouths, so as not to see, not to hear, not to recognize what the people are shouting on the streets: neoliberalism is an economic failure and a social disaster,” he stressed.

Diaz-Canel also referred to the attempts to denigrate the medical, educational and scientific collaboration of Cuba in Venezuela and in other countries, which, he said, is an expression of the humanist essence of the Cuban Revolution.

Turning to the use of social media in the current age of communications, he urged progressive forces to build emancipatory platforms to oppose colonizers and to collect the efforts and energies in pursuit of a better world.

The Cuban president reiterated his support and solidarity with the legitimate president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro; with Commander Daniel Ortega and the Sandinista National Liberation Front of Nicaragua, also under attack.

He congratulated Evo Morales on his electoral triumph in Bolivia, and Alberto, and Cristina Fernández, who open a new hope in Argentina.

In concluding,the Cuban president reaffirmed that the new generation of Cuban leaders, formed and educated by the historic generation, continues to be revolutionary, socialist, loyal and a follower of Jose Marti´s ideals,  and he assured that the new leaders will not give up one millimeter in their positions in favor of independence, sovereignty, and social justice.

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
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