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New Poll Favoring U.S.-Cuba Relations Impacts U.S. Press

Miami, June 18 (RHC) -- A recent poll by the Florida International University revealing that a large number of Cuban Americans in Miami-Dade county favor the lifting of the U.S. economic blockade of Cuba and the resumption of diplomatic relations between Washington and Havana has had a big repercussion this week in the U.S. press.

U.S. media outlets reported the poll describing it as a shift of view by the second generation of Cuban Americans living in that county, as 52 percent of respondents oppose the so-called embargo on the island.

According to a CBS/Associated Press report, the figure rises to 62 percent when it comes to Cuban Americans ages 18-29 opposing the U.S. policy, while 58% of those arrived in Miami-Dade since 1995 are also against the blockade.

Meanwhile, nearly 70 percent of those interviewed are for the resumption of diplomatic relations with Cuba, with 90 percent of the younger respondents and a solid majority among all age groups up to age 70, CBS reported.

The survey of 1,000 Cuban-American Miami-Dade County residents comes amid recent calls by Cuban-American business leaders and academics to get President Barack Obama to ease trade and travel restrictions on the island.

Edited by Juan Leandro
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