Cubans Living in Europe Hold Conference in Athens

Athens, October 21 (RHC)-- Eighty delegates from Cubans living in fifteen European nations have met for two days in Athens.  There was a hearty round of applause for a special guest: Ailí Labañino, the daughter of one of the Cuban Five antiterrorists imprisoned in the United States.

Ailí thanked them for their unswerving demands for  their liberation. In her emotion-filled words, the young daughter of Ramon Labañino called for the intensification of  the international campaign. 

The Cubans who live in Europe will from now on have access to a website where they can exchange information and coordinate activities in support of their mother country.

Osvaldo Cobacho, Cuban Ambassador to Greece, said the new migration Policy installed by the Government of Cuba has been received favorably by Cuban emigrees and is a decisive step towards full normalization of relations between the Cuban nation and its emigrees.

The meeting enjoyed a preview of a documentary by Cuban filmmaker Juan Carlos Travieso.  It  depicts daily life in Cuba and chronicles the material difficulties that the Cubans face every day as a result of the US blockade of their country.

Edited by Juan Leandro


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