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Cuba Rejects Washington's Groundless Justification of its Economic Blockade

Havana, October 30 (RHC)-- Cuba rejected the groundless justifications put forth by the United States regarding its over-50-year economic, commercial and financial blockade of the island. The blockade was once again overwhelmingly condemned by the international community at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez replied to statements made by U.S. representative Ronald Godard, who referred to the alleged U.S. interest in supporting the Cuban people in meeting their aspirations.

Rodriguez said that Godard lied by saying that the United States promotes human rights in Cuba, because the blockade is a massive and flagrant violation of human rights and an act of genocide.

The Cuban foreign minister said that the US administration has no moral authority to address the human rights issue, given its military aggressions, which have killed millions of civilians, plus its secret jails, drone attacks, arbitrary detentions and torture of prisoners.

Minister Rodriguez said that the US representative was lying when he said that his country provides Cuba with medical items and equipment and he challenged the US official to give examples at the assembly.

The top Cuban diplomat denounced that the elements presented by the U.S. representative at the assembly are only related to the resources destined by Washington for its destabilization, subversion and change-of-regime policy.

Rodriguez urged Washington to put down its double standard policy and to lift the blockade against Cuba, a measure that was condemned by 188 UN member states on Tuesday.
Edited by Juan Leandro
David Wade, Ph.D. say:

It doesn't matter what 97% of the UN membership decides because the US is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, and can veto any decision made by the 97%. Without these special privileges, the US would not remain a member of the UN. It is unwilling to participate unless the "deck is stacked" in its favor. However, the fact that it is possible for the 97% to publicly express their opinion of US actions in the General Assembly makes this world forum worthwhile. Little victories may, over time, end up winning the war.

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