University Student Leader Recalls Visit with Fidel Castro

Havana, February 3 (RHC)-- Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro has met with Randy Perdomo Garcia, President of the University Students Federation, the FEU. Photos published by the Cuban press on Tuesday show the meeting between Fidel and the student leader.

The report says the photos were taken on January 23rd and is accompanied by an article entitled "Fidel Is One of a Kind.”

The article says that Fidel and Randy talked about different details of life and work at the university. The student leader admitted he was always concerned about the fact that Fidel could ask him a question that he could not answer. He said he tried to answer everything, knowing one is never ready to have all the answers demanded by such a dialogue.

Randy Perdomo commented on a series of activities that university students are preparing to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Fidel's entrance at the University. He also told Fidel about the student's idea to climb Turquino Peak, and to visit the house where Fidel was born.

During Perdomo's visit with Fidel, they talked about different national and international issues. Perdomo also asked about the exercises Fidel does every day and his diet.

Edited by Ivan Martínez


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