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Cuba Shows High Density of Health Professionals

Washington, November 13 (RHC)-- Cuba heads the list of nations with highest density levels of qualified human resources in the health field per every 10 thousand inhabitants, according to a report just issued in Washington by the Pan-American Health Organization, PAHO..

The PAHO ranking shows Cuba as topping the list with 134. 6 health workers, followed by the United States, with 125.1 and Canada with 93.5. Haiti is at the bottom of the list with just 3.6 health workers per every ten thousand inhabitants, followed by Guyana, with 11.2; Guatemala, 12.5; Honduras, 13.6 and Bolivia, 14.1 health workers per every ten thousand inhabitants.

The document is entitled “One universal truth: There is no health without sanitary agents” and analyzes the current challenges to the formation, distribution and migration of health professionals in the Western Hemisphere.

The text notes that 70 percent of the nations in the area have the medical personnel needed to offer basic health services to the population, but the problem lies on improving their salaries and the retention of those professionals in the places where they are most needed. Another problem is the need to strengthen medical education and training in accordance with the needs of each area.


Edited by Juan Leandro
David Wade, Ph.D say:

A greater density of health workers than the US is very impressive news! This accomplishment, combined with Cuba's commitment to providing health workers to assist many other countries, can only enhance Cuba's reputation throughout the world.

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