U.S. Uses Arab Inmates at Guantanamo Prison as Double Agents against Al Qaeda

Washington, November 27 (RHC)-- The Central Intelligence Agency recruited prisoners illegally kept at the Guantanamo U.S. Naval Base as double agents against Al Qaeda, former U.S. government officials revealed in Washington.

According to those sources, quoted by the news magazine Russian Today, despite cash, bonuses and liberation offers by the CIA very few prisoners accepted the spy jobs.

The program, set up a decade ago, instructed agents to detect, spy, capture or kill Al Qaeda agents.

Even though some of the double agents led to the arrest of Al Qaeda operatives, most of those recruited and trained by the CIA escaped control and are still free.

The illegal prison at Guantanamo, described as an infamous hole where human rights are brutally trampled, was opened in 2002 following the destruction of New York City´s twin towers on 11 September 2001.

Over one hundred prisoners are kept there in a legal limbo, without charges leveled against them or legal protection to defend themselves.

The pretext for the continued violation of the prisoners´ human rights is that the Guantanamo prison is outside the US territorial limits, according to American researcher Jonathan Hansen.

A hunger strike that broke out at the prison in February called the attention of world public opinion. Striking prisoners were forced fed, and some of them still are.

Cuba regards the continued occupation of the base as a violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Edited by Juan Leandro


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