Over Half a Million Cubans Benefit from Water Projects

Havana, December 17 (RHC)-- The projects implemented by the Cuban Water Resources Institute in 2015 benefited over half a million Cubans. The projects included the rehabilitation of water supply networks, pumping stations and other facilities, all included in an investment that is dedicated to fight the severe drought affecting the island, said Rose Maire Ricardo, investment director at the Institute.

For instance, some 265 million pesos -- equal to dollars at the official exchange rate -- were dedicated to constructions works still underway at 95 percent according to schedule, while the total investment plan reached some 347 million pesos.

The specialist explain that the plan has had important support from Kuwait, the Fund of the Oil Exporting Countries Organization and Saudi Arabia.

Maire Ricardo announced that the investment program for next year will be larger than that of 2015, with a series of works scheduled to be concluded before December next year.

Severe drought still affects Cuba although rainfalls in November and December have relieved the scarcity of water in the country. At present, more than one million Cubans are affected by the drought.

Edited by Ivan Martínez


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