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Peru to Hold Symposium 'Cuba in History'

Lima, February 3 (RHC-PL) -- Peru's "Solicuba" solidarity organization has announced the International Symposium "Cuba in History," which will open on Thursday at the Congress of Peru with the participation of prominent intellectuals from various countries.

Solicuba president, Gustavo Espinoza, said that Carlos Fonseca Terán -- son of Nicaraguan national hero Carlos Fonseca Amador -- and journalist César Lévano will attend the opening ceremony.

The symposium is organized by Solicuba, the Peru Chapter of the Network of Intellectuals in Defense of Humanity and parliamentary Dammert.

Espinoza said that the event will take place during a significant year, because it is the 163rd anniversary of the birth of Cuban national hero José Martí, the 57th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution and the 90th birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

Espinoza added that the Peruvian and Cuban peoples are united by the blood of Cubans fighting for our independence in the heroic battle of Ayacucho in 1824.

He also recalled the example of Leoncio Prado, fighting for the freedom of Cuba; the defense of Cuba against its expulsion from the OAS, made by Peruvian Foreign Minister Raul Porras and the photo of Fidel Castro donating blood for Peruvians after the devastating earthquake of 1970, among other events.

The first theme of the symposium, which will run until Saturday, will be on the stage prior to the Cuban revolution, by Peruvian intellectuals Hector Bejar and Mario Meza and Venezuelan Alberto Vaivasd.

The theme 'Latin America and the Cuban Revolution' will be addressed by Basilio Gutierrez (Cuba), Gustavo Espinoza, Eduardo Arroyo and Jose Luis Ayala.

'The incidence of Cuba in the continental scenario', will be the theme of Nicaraguan Fonseca Teran, the former ambassador of Peru in Cuba, Victor Mayorga, the Venezuelan diplomat Nicholas Picado and the Peruvian parliamentary Sergio Tejada.

The same issue will be addressed by a second panel formed by the ambassador of Bolivia in Peru, Gustavo Rodriguez, Ecuadorian speaker Ivan Maldonado and Peruvian Congressman Sergio Tejada.


Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi
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