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U.S. Allocates 800 Thousand Dollars to Program against Cuba

Havana, March 28 (RHC-PL), --  In a new attempt to interfere in Cuban internal affairs, the United States announced a program of orientation to supposed emergent leaders of Cuban civil society, with a budget amounting to almost 800 thousand dollars.

The announcement was made last Thursday by the Office of Western Hemisphere Affairs of the Department of State, barely three days after U.S. President Barack Obama visited Havana. The scheme establishes a program of “community practices”, with a budget of 753,989 dollars.

The news, initially published by digital website 'Along the Malecon', of U.S. journalist Tracey Eaton and replicated in several national and foreign news media, discovers the intentions of the State Department, that looks to create a “new mentality” on the fringes of the island's legal institutions.

The main purpose of this plan, according to the summons spread a few days ago is to “support Cuban youths in a program of professional development of two to four months which will include a specialized formation to help them develop action plans for non-government community activities in Cuba”.

The proposed program consists that “the young professionals chosen (between 20 and 35 years of age), university students or young professionals will travel to the United States, they will receive a formation of immersion in U.S. democracy and will be allowed to develop a plan of action for activities in Cuba when they return to their country”.

It adds the proposal that “those young professionals will model an effective leadership of organizations of the civil society responsible before the public, they will promote participation in the community, media diversity and higher democratic principles in Cuba”. The U.S. President, in his speech delivered in Havana, said the “United States does not have the capacity nor the intention of imposing change in Cuba, changes depend on the Cuban people. We are not going to impose our political or economic system, because we know each country, every people must forge their own destiny”.

The new reality applied by the Department of State refutes, or at least contradicts the words of Obama, expressed at the Grand Theater of Havana, on March 22.

A recent article published in the digital website 'Progreso Weekly', edited in Miami, assured this new strategy designed at the U.S. State Department “is suspiciously like a Troyan horse, laden with danger and threatening to destroy the well-intentioned efforts made by U.S. and Cuban people in the pursue of a rapprochement”.

It calls the attention that the plan is based on the Helms-Burton law, a legislation of extra-territorial reach, that intensifies the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba for more than half a century.

According to the summoning text launched by the Office of the Western Hemisphere of the State Department, this criminal law approved by Congress in 1996, “allows to give assistance and support to individuals and independent non-government organizations (NGO) to support the efforts of democracy construction in Cuba”.

In his speech in Havana, Obama commented that although many suggested he go to Cuba and ask its people to destroy much of what has been accomplished, he insists that “Cuban youths have to build something new, go higher”.

“The future of Cuba has to be in the hands of the Cuban people!”, emphasized the tenant of the White House, last March 22, but now the State Department shows with facts that Obama's words had a hidden message and that plans of political destabilization of Cuban society keep being enacted in Washington.

Edited by María Luisa
David Wade, Ph.D. say:

Obama has been continually lying to the American people since he was elected, so why not Cuba, too?

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