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U.S. Government Won't Release CIA Report on Bay of Pigs

Washington, December 18 (RHC) -- The government of the United States continues to oppose the release of an old secret internal report by the Central Intelligence Agency on its resounding defeat at the Bay of Pigs, also known as Playa Giron, in April 1961.
According to the digital site Progreso Semanal, an attorney for the U.S. Government told the Federal Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia that time is still not right to make that document public.
The official American story of the disastrous U.S.—led mercenary invasion at the Bay of Pigs, still classified as top secret, was written for over nine years by CIA historian, Jack Pfeiffer.
Four volumes have been already declassified due to pressure from the private National Security Archives organization, under the Freedom of Information Act.
But the fifth volume, covering the CIA’s own analysis of the resounding defeat of its mercenary army by the Cuban Revolution has been clamped with a seal of secrecy, pressed on by the sponsors of the U.S. military fiasco.
Not even the passing of time allows for its publication, said an Assistant Federal DA to a District of Columbia court that has just examined the petition for the release of information.
Judith Rogers, one of the judges, said the CIA’s capacity of hiding documents from public scrutiny is not eternal, while Magistrate Brett Cavanaugh affirmed that it is time for the release of this information.
Edited by Juan Leandro
AaronWoody say:

It's no wonder the CIA wont release these documents, as the content of those documents would illustrate just how unjustified and criminal the actions of the United States against the people of Cuba actualy where, and how dishonest the CIA in fact is. The world would be a vastly better place without the CIA or NSA for that matter. In the United States (where I live) faith in the CIA, NSA and the house of Congress is crumbling under the weight of those agencies clearly dispicable intents and vile motivations.

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