Cuba Condemns Parliamentary Coup in Brazil, Expresses Support for President Dilma Rousseff

Havana, May 13 (RHC)-- Cuba expressed its unwavering support for, and solidarity with, constitutionally-elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, the Workers' Party and the Brazilian people against the parliamentary-judicial coup, which has been developing in Brazil over the past several months.

The Cuban government issued a statement, asserting that what has occurred in Brazil is part of the reactionary counter-offensive launched by oligarchy powers and imperialism against revolutionary and progressive governments in Latin America and the Caribbean, threatening regional peace and stability and violating the spirit and letter of the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, as agreed upon by regional heads of state and government during the 2nd CELAC Summit, held in January of 2014 in the Cuban capital.

The Cuban government's statement quotes President Raúl Castro, last December at the closing of the 6th Period of Ordinary Sessions of the Cuban National Assembly of People's Power, when he said: "History demonstrates that when the right takes government power, it does not hesitate to dismantle social policies, provide rich benefits, re-establish neo-liberalism, and apply shock therapies to the detriment of workers, women and youth."

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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