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Cuba will Host International Forum on Organic and Sustainable Agriculture

Experts from six nations have expressed their interest in taking part at the 10th International Forum on Organic and Sustainable Agriculture, which will take place May 21 to 24 in the western Cuban locality of Varadero.

The experts to attend the event come from Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, the United States, Spain and India, according to Mario Gonzalez, who heads the international relations department at the Cuban Association of Agriculture and Forestry Association.

Participants at the forum will visit agricultural areas in Matanzas province, a territory that has considerably boosted ecological agriculture as a reference for other parts of the island.

The Forum will operate as an coordinating mechanism for producers, researchers, promoters and other experts in the field, who can contribute to food security and sovereignty and it will include workshops, working sessions and lectures on 14 different subjects related to local agrarian development, seed production, cooperatives, technologies that favor sustainable agriculture, climate change, global warming, family agriculture, alternative energy sources, among others.

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