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Threats by Miami Anti-Cuba Circles Thwart Art Exhibit of Cuban Hero

Miami, August 6 (RHC) -– Continued threats by the Miami-based anti-Cuba circles against the local Sweat Records Gallery forced its owner Lauren Reskin to cancel the scheduled opening next Saturday of a paintings exhibit by Cuban anti-terrorist hero Antonio Guerrero, who is serving an unfair prison sentence in a federal penitentiary in the US southern state of Florida.

According to the El Nuevo Herald newspaper, outlet of the anti-Cuba circles in Miami, a Sweat Records employee said they began to receive calls against the exhibit as soon as it was announced.

“We cancelled the event after we began to receive phone calls with protests and we actually have no affiliation with Guerrero. So, we understood there was a conflict and we do not have anything to do with it,” said the employee, who asked not to be identified, according to Cubadebate website.

The visual arts exhibit, entitled “Yo me muero como vivi,” or I will die as I have lived, which had been opened in other U.S. cities will be transferred to another place where people still haven’t seen it.

Antonio Guerrero is one of the five Cubans who were arrested in 1998 and given unfair prison sentences in 2001 by a Miami court after they monitored Florida-based ultra-right organizations that planned terrorist actions against Cuba.

Exhibit sponsor and member of the Alianza Martiana organization Max Lesnik said that a new place has been found but it would not be announced until the last minute. It would br better to directly invite those interested in attending the event, said Lesnik, who will be a speaker on the occasion.

Meanwhile, anti-Cuba and Miami mafia spokeswoman Ninoska Perez said the exhibit was a provocation against the Cuban exiles in Miami and said that “these people want to make us believe that our community has changed and that we do not feel indignation at a provocation like this one.”

Perez’s statements show that Miami continues to be the same old intolerant city. On two previous occasions, two billboards demanding the release of the five anti-terrorist Cubans were withdrawn from city areas under threats by local ultra-right circles.

Music concerts scheduled to take place in Miami by Cubans residing on the island have also been canceled in that city, while some of those artists have been repudiated for their attitudes in favor of cultural exchange between Cuba and the United States.

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