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Experts Call for Study into New Applications of Renewable Energy Sources


Havana, October 8 (AIN-RHC) -- Latin American experts participating in the International Renewable Energy Workshop in Havana will explore prospective cooperation agreements for the development of this sector in the region.

The second day of the event, which convened at Havana's International Convention Center, included a presentation of several projects implemented in Cuba's Isle of Youth, including a modern biomass gasification plant.

Some specialists have called for a field study in the country to find appropriate places to install infrastructure for obtaining such energy.

The fuel gas obtained from biomass gasification can be exploited in various ways: in the production of electricity and / or thermal energy at a lower monetary and environmental cost than that generated by traditional means.

It is a difficult path despite the benefits, experts say, because energy from renewable sources for commercial purposes threatens the reign of large multinational energy companies that will try to prevent the entry of such products into the world market.

Biomass gasification is a thermo-chemical process in which this natural resource, usually of vegetable origin, is transformed into a combustible gas, which increases the value to energy generation.

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