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FAO Says Cuba Has Great Potential for Sustainable Agriculture

Havana, April 24 (RHC) -- Theodor Friedrich, representative of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Cuba said that the island has great potential to develop sustainable agriculture.

Addressing participants at the 11th International Forum on CubaSolar 2014, which promotes renewable energy initiatives, underway in Varadero Tourist resort, in western Matanzas province, the expert said that the Cuban scientific community has the political willingness and the necessary knowledge to foster what is known as the paradigm of conservationist agriculture, though he stressed the need to introduce modifications that contribute to soil improvement.

In his lecture, the FAO representative said that the world is facing the challenge of food security due to high prices, lack of availability of foodstuffs among other obstacles.

In 2050, the world will have to feed nine billion people, therefore it is crucial to change the models of food production and distribution, because 30 percent of the food produced is being wasted, said the expert.

The forum is also addressing renewable energy sources, water supply, among other issues related to the use of the environment.

Experts from 11 nations from Europe and the Americas are attending the conference.


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