Helping hands in Cuba and Nicaragua 

Edited by Ed Newman
2021-12-08 06:49:21


Solidarity travels again on the ship 'Augusto César Sandino' bound for Cuba. Photo: ACN

By Roberto Morejón 

The brotherhood between Cuba and Nicaragua was reaffirmed with the shipment of a new cargo of food from the land of Augusto Cesar Sandino to the land of Jose Marti, a gesture that some seem to dislike.

The government headed by President Daniel Ortega reported the transfer of a new batch of containers.

This is the third one this year, in view of the impact of COVID-19 on the health and economy of the largest of the Antilles, also affected by the intensified U.S. blockade.

The humanitarian aid of the Nicaraguans is part of a beautiful tradition of ties, rooted in the support of the Cubans to the leaders of the Sandinista Revolution, among them Carlos Fonseca and Tomás Borge.

Teachers, technicians in diverse spheres and more recently vaccines created by national scientists, Cuba transferred to the Central American nation since the triumph against dictator Anastasio Somoza, in 1979.

The Cubans were also attentive to the needs of Nicaraguans in situations of natural emergency, as they did with their neighbors in the Caribbean for similar reasons.

It is not by chance that Cuba and Nicaragua are targets of sanctions by the United States, whose administrations consider independent governments and defenders of sovereignty a stone in the road.

Recently, Havana welcomed Managua's decision to withdraw from the OAS, Organization of American States, one of the axis of a fierce offensive by Washington and the continental right wing against Sandinismo.

The corporate press jubilantly seconded the onslaught, mainly directed against the elections of November of this year, when President Daniel Ortega was reelected with approximately 76 percent of the votes.

Also in the above mentioned hegemonic media there is talk of an accentuated economic crisis in Nicaragua, without anyone making reference to the fact that more than three million homes received electricity service in the last few years.

Struggling, courageous peoples, determined to win, like those of Cuba and Nicaragua, unite to collaborate with their humble resources, in spite of those who bet on division.


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