Honduras: A president in resistance

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-09-09 08:45:50


Xiomara Castro is confident of victory.    Photo taken from Archivo/RHC

By Roberto Morejón

The government of Honduran President Xiomara Castro is appealing to the support of the popular and democratic forces to resist the onslaught of the right wing, oligarchies and structures of the narco-state implemented in the previous twelve years.

The Libertad y Refundación (Libre) Party denounced the attacks of the powers that be, in the midst of a shortage of financial resources, since the previous government left the public treasury exhausted.

In a multitudinous act carried out recently in Tegucigalpa, the capital, called by the president and her party, Xiomara Castro denounced what she described as an attack by narco-conservative forces.

To whom she was referring: those who privatized state infrastructures and the organized crime elites together with exponents of the conservative political parties.

The government, eager to establish a transparent state, free of corruption and with guarantees of the laws, stands in the way of those conglomerates opposed to change.

Precisely, in order to prevent these lines of action, a strong debate was unleashed in Congress over the election of a new prosecutor and his deputy, for which the political spectrum has not found consensus.

Photo taken from Prensa Latina

Basically, the conservatives intend to continue with a prosecutor tolerant towards the violations committed by the powerful classes.

However, this is not the only flank of attacks against the first woman to become head of state in Honduras.

The adoption of a tax justice law that would force the economic elite to pay taxes, the relationship with China and the rupture with Taiwan, and the foreseeable arrival of a National Commission against Impunity signed by the UN, also heated up the tempers of those who had no restraint under the previous administration.

Together with the aforementioned provisions, the government headed by Castro is trying to alleviate the serious situation of the vulnerable in Honduras.

Among the measures implemented, the National Security Plan called "Solution against crime" to counteract homicides and the granting of more funds to municipalities to improve access to schools stand out. 

These initiatives are still insufficient, but decisive, which is why tens of thousands of Hondurans, hopeful with the administration of the dignitary, came to support her in the streets.

Before them, Xiomara denounced to the world what she described as a conspiracy organized by the mafias and organized crime elites with the structure of drug trafficking. Enough to remain alert.


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