BASTION 2013: Avoiding War means Winning it

Edited by Juan Leandro
2013-11-18 14:00:30


Nov 18, -- While fully involved in the country's economic update, Cubans will carry out a defense exercise, from November 19 through the 22nd, aimed at honoring the basic principle that avoiding war means wining it.

Actually, Cubans are aware that by achieving better military preparation in the defensive area they will significantly contribute to reduce the possibilities for a foreign intervention.

The recent announcement of upcoming tactical military exercises with the participation of regular troops, confirms the priority given by the Cuban state to the strengthening of the country's defensive capabilities.

Though the participation will even extend beyond regular troops as two national defense days are included in the drills, this means that entities with the Communist Party, the State's central administration, companies and the population will also be involved in the exercise.

However, the drill will follow criteria based on rationality and austerity prevailing in a poor country, with limited resources and under the pressure of the US blockade. The stiffening of Washington's siege of Cuba, as well a the unfavorable impact by the unfair international order and neo-liberal globalization on southern countries, suggest adopting all defensive precautions.

We already know that other nations disregarded such precautions and were targets of flagrant military interventions under the groundless pretexts and violating international law.

It would be a mistake to think that Cubans will immediately be involved in a war, since we only try to train better against a hypothetical action of that kind imposed from abroad.

Bastion, as the Cuban military exercise is called, will apply the most illustrative experience of people's struggle throughout history, such as the fight against Spanish colonialism, the pro-imperialist dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista in Cuba, the US-sponsored 1961 Bay of Pigs mercenary invasion and the lessons learned in internationalist missions in other countries.

Those and other experiences fueled the defensive conception of the War by All the People, which establishes that fighting back a foreign attack takes the organized participation of the people, under the direction of the regular armed forces.

This exercise in particular pursues the massive involvement of regular troops, the reserve and citizens, update national defense aspects and strengthen actions by dealing with current vulnerabilities.

A major characteristic of Cuban defense exercises, including Bastion 2013, is that they are not designed to threaten anybody or to boast of any military power.


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    joe grogan
    25/11/2013 04:43 pm

    !Adelante, siempre adelante! Con solidaridad, nosotros preservaremos la revolucion cubana. JG

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