Buoyed by a vast campaign to reduce crime rates, Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele appears headed for a comfortable victory in the upcoming elections.... More

Even with the limited resources imposed by the U.S. blockade, Cuba pays special attention to people affected by ataxia, a disease that still has no cure and is characterized by coordination, balance, gait and language disorders, which worsen over time.... More

The adverse economic situation in Cuba has an impact on public health, as in other spheres, but the medical education system continues, in spite of material restrictions, so an important graduation is expected.... More

Guatemala's controversial Attorney General, Consuelo Porras, has repeatedly ignored calls for her resignation made not only by President Bernardo Arevalo, but also by a large part of the Central American country's citizens.... More

Brazil redoubles its efforts to put an end to slavery, which although legally abolished in the South American country more than 135 years ago, continues to be a problem that affects the poorest citizens, especially Afro-Brazilians, because it is linked to racism and discrimination.... More

Is Paris burning?

During the last few days the siege announced by French farmers on Paris is closing and puts against the wall the government of Emmanuel Macron and his new and young prime minister, Gabriel Attal, who are looking for how to appease the anger of those who feel their rights have been postponed or forgotten.... More

January is an allegorical month for Cubans because of its connection with José Martí, to whom all citizens, mainly children, adolescents and young people, pay a well-deserved tribute.... More

The most radical opposition in Venezuela and forces from abroad remain determined to truncate the Bolivarian Revolution, as evidenced by the United States applying sanctions to the South American country.... More

The declarations of President Daniel Noboa about the possibility of proclaiming a moratorium, of at least one year, on the closure of the oil field located in the Amazonian Yasuni National Park has provoked an immediate rejection of the indigenous communities and environmental activists of Ecuador.... More

Experimental murder?

The U.S. state of Alabama recently executed a prisoner using a method insufficiently proven from the scientific point of view and that the United Nations Organization qualifies simply and plainly as torture.... More

Cuba lights up again as it does every January 27 with the traditional March of the Torches, which takes place throughout the length and breadth of the country. Cubans of different generations will pay tribute to Cuba's National Hero, José Martí, on the eve of his 171st birthday, whose thought has transcended time and gone beyond our borders, being a worldwide reference, especially in our America.... More

The ghost of Julian Assange

Despite being detained, silenced, and hidden from public view in the maximum security Belmarsh prison for the past five years, as the day of his extradition draws near, the spectre of Julian Assange looms ever larger over the politics of the AUKUS lands.... More

Cuba's universities, with their great scientific-technological potential, are increasingly expanding their participation in socioeconomic development, a strategy encouraged by the government to contribute to the advancement of the nation and the welfare of its citizens.... More

Germany: The Roots of Evil

German society has been shaken in recent days by a series of demonstrations rejecting the resurgence of extreme right-wing forces, nostalgic for the Nazi regime that led the world in the last century to one of the worst massacres known in the recent history of mankind.... More

The first general strike in Argentina since 2019 found in power an ultraliberal, Javier Milei, bent on convincing of the benefits, according to him, of blindly disavowing the state. ... More