Recovery and order

It turned out to be a short time to praise the work of the Unión Eléctrica workers from Cuban provinces who helped to repair the damages caused by the intense hurricane Ian in Havana.... More

More voices in favor of Cuba

At the same time that the request to the United States to lift the blockade on Cuba to advance in the recovery after the devastating passage of Hurricane Ian through western Cuba is growing, another demand is also gaining ground: to remove Cuba from the illegitimate list of countries sponsoring terrorism.... More

The forecasts came true and Brazil will go to a second round of general elections on October 30th, as none of the candidates for the presidency obtained more than 50% of the valid votes this Sunday.... More

Mexico always with Cuba

Mexico has once again demonstrated its unconditional friendship with Cuba. After the devastating passage of Hurricane Ian, which with Category 3 on the Saffir Simpson scale affected western Cuba at the beginning of this week, the solidarity aid from our brother country has been immediately effective.... More

Internationally recognized for its effectiveness, Cuba's Civil Defense was immediately activated in the face of the danger posed to the country by Hurricane Ian, which affects most intensely the special municipality Isla de la Juventud and the different western provinces, but has also caused rains in other areas of the national territory.... More

Cuba has a new Family Code

Cuba has a new Family Code. In a true and legitimate democratic exercise, Cubans voted this Sunday at the polls in favor of the document, which is modern, inclusive and responds to the problems of today's society.... More

Cubans went to the polls on Sunday amid total calm, to express their acceptance or rejection of the new Family Code, as part of a popular referendum.... More

Colombia and Venezuela are meeting again, after years of tensions and disagreements. The new government of Bogota, presided by Gustavo Petro, has opted for peace and good relations with the neighboring nation, with which it shares 2200 kilometers of border, interests and history.... More

Cubans exercise this Sunday the right to vote in the referendum on the Family Code, a regulation previously assessed in a popular consultation in communities and in the parliament.... More

In the process of informatization of Cuban society, the UCI, University of Informatics Sciences, plays an essential role. It was described as strategic for the life and economy of the country by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, the architect of the birth of this Higher Education center in 2002.... More

In pressing circumstances for the world given the tensions due to present and potential wars, Cuba's message in favor of peace and demanding respect for its self-determination was heard at the UN General Assembly.... More

A text created by all and for all

When Cubans go to the polls this Sunday to vote on the new Family Code, we will have the opportunity to vote for the protection of our rights -- the rights of every citizen, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation or any other distinction.... More

Climate change in UN sessions

Climate change was one of the topics addressed by speakers on the first day of the highest level segment of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, which began this Tuesday at the headquarters of the international organization in New York City and will last until the 26th.... More

The new Family Code, on which Cubans will pronounce themselves in a referendum on September 25, leaves behind concepts and ideas that are apparently deeply rooted, hence a certain surprise in some, although the explanations of experts help to evacuate doubts.... More

Less than 15 days separate Brazil from the most polarized general elections in recent times, and which are coming with an increase in political violence, in view of the hate speech of President Jair Bolsonaro, who seeks reelection.... More