Silvio Rodríguez Delights New York and Central Park

Renowned Cuban singer-songwriter, Silvio Rodríguez, charmed thousands of people gathered in New York’s Central Park during Sunday night's concert.

On his return to the Big Apple as part of the Summer Stage, a series of open-air shows there, the founder of the New Song Movement on the island received cheers from the audience for two hours.

The icon of the Latin American revolutionary song movement, who began his concert with a ‘Long live Cuba, Long live the world without exceptions’, sang tunes of his most recent album Amoríos with others, such as Ojalá (1975), La Maza (1982), Ángel para un Final (1984), Pequeña Serenata Diurna (1975) and other essential songs. Rodríguez pleased his New York fans at the end of his presentation with emblematic tunes, such as El Necio (the Fool) and Mi Unicornio Azul (My Blue Unicorn).

He also had words of solidarity with the victims of Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean and the United States, the victims of the 9/11 2001 terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers and words of gratitude toward the event’s organizers. Silvio Rodríguez’s last concert in New York was at Carnegie Hall seven years ago.

Edited by Damian Donestevez


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