China: Guest of Honor of the 27th Havana Book Fair

Edited by Damian Donestevez
2018-01-24 15:53:29


China will be the Guest of Honor at the International Book Fair from Feb 1 through 11 in Havana and set to wind up in May in Santiago de Cuba.

The attendance of the People’s Republic of China to the International Book Fair not only means to occupy the place of honor at the Cuban book event for the first time, but also in Latin America, reason for which publishing and cultural ties between Cuba and China will be strengthened, as well as with Latin America. The statement was made by Yao Fe, political attaché of the Chinese embassy to Havana, at a news conference. The official referred to various objectives, including showcasing the development of the Asian giant’s publishing industry in the 21st century, and briefing participants on the use of books to promote culture in the country. 

At La Cabaña Fortress, the fair’s principal venue, the Chinese Pavilion will exhibit more than three thousand Chinese books in Spanish, English and Mandarin, including presentations, events, book sales –around 320 titles in Spanish and English.  Under the slogan ‘Reading China’, there will be professional and cultural exchanges in the Chinese area, as well as the signing of publishing and editing agreements. The arts of the Asian country will also be on hand, including art exhibits. 

The Havana Book Fair coincides with the Chinese Lunar Year –one of the Asian region’s most important traditions and celebrations-, so China will have at the Cuban book gathering its Spring Fiesta –as it’s also called- having as venue of the celebration Havana’s Grand Theater Alicia Alonso on Feb 2 and 3rd.


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