Artex launches campaign as tribute to Fidel on his 95th birthday anniversary

Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi
2021-08-11 14:31:57


Artex S.A.pays tribute to Fidel Castro

Havana, August 11 (RHC)-- The Havana branch of Cuba’s artistic and literary promotions company Artex S.A. has launched a campaign called “Aprendimos a saberte eterno” on the 95th birthday anniversary of leader Fidel Castro.

The program includes meetings with Cuban political, social and cultural personalities, visits to centers of historical interest, donations to special education centers and orphanages, artistic actions at vaccination sites set up to immunize Havana residents against Covid-19, virtual contests, sales of children’s books, albums and other cultural items, etc.

The program, organized by the network of cultural centers in Havana, the record Company Bis Music of Artex, Ediciones Cubanas publishing house and the Clave Cubana and Musicalia music agencies of Artex, includes also food fair and children’s musical show on August 13th at Carlos M Calcines primary school, in Las Piedras community in the Havana municipality of San Miguel del Padrón.

Also in the framework of the campaign, Artex, in coordination with the network of Cultural Centers, the Radio and Television Institute, Cubavisión channel of Cuban television, the provincial culture office in the capital and the Fidel Castro Ruz Studies Center broadcast a cultural and political activity on Wednesday, August 11th, with the hashtags #AprendimosASaberteEterno #SomosContinuidad, #FidelPresente, #FidelSiempreVivo, #UnidosVenceremos, #CubaRevolucionSiempre, #FidelPorSiempre.

Cuban artists pay tribute to Fidel

Entitled “Cantares para un Quijote”, the event, pre-recorded at Havana’s Bertolt Brecht cultural center, features Cuban musicians, exponents of trova, son, rumba, opera, dance soloists and ensembles and painters, offering their art in tribute to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution.

All the activities in the framework of the campaign in homage to Fidel are carried out in strict compliance with measures in place to confront and overcome the complex epidemiological situation in Cuba generated by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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