Children’s Theatre Group La Colmenita pays tribute to Fidel, delights audience at Martí Theatre

Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi
2022-02-08 13:21:45


La Colmenita

Havana, Feb. 8(RHC)-- The Cuban Children’s Theatre Group La Colmenita delighted their audiences over the weekend at Martí Theatre here in Havana, with their show ‘Fidel habla… ¡te necesito!’ in homage to Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro.

The weekend’s performances were also dedicated to Havana’s Historian, the late Eusebio Leal, who commanded restauration works in Old Havana, where the theatre is located.

With artistic direction by Carlos ‘Tin’ Cremata –the founding director of La Colmenita—and musical direction by René Baños –leader of the all-male Cuban a-capella group ‘Vocal Sampling’, ‘Fidel habla… ¡te necesito!’, had its world premiere last November during a memorable activity marking the opening of the Fidel Castro Ruz Studies Center, dedicated to the study and promotion of the leader’s work and revolutionary thought.

During the performance on Saturday, La Colmenita received the ‘Joven Patria’ Distinction granted by the José Martí Youth Movement, in recognition for their tireless work over nearly 32 years, promoting the work of the Cuban National Hero.

Created on February 14th, 1990, the goal of the internationally acclaimed children’s theater troupe is to use dance, music and acting as a way to develop each child’s creativity so they can achieve their greatest potential, individually and as a group. Their success has inspired similar children’s theatre groups all over the world.

In 2007, La Colmenita became the first and only theatre group in the world to be recognized as Goodwill Ambassadors of UNICEF for all of the good work they have done on behalf of and with children.


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