Cuban Spirit Festival in Bayamo Dedicated to Young Art

Edited by Damian Donestevez
2014-10-10 12:01:54

Renowned Cuban intellectuals, artists and performers are scheduled to participate at the Cuban Spirit Festival in the eastern city of Bayamo from October 17 through 20, dedicated to Young Art.

Considered the most important event about national identity, this 20th edition will wind up with a concert of famous Cuban popular music band Los Van Van on the Day of Cuban Culture, October 20th. That day marks the date on October 20th, 1868, when La Bayamesa, composed by Pedro Figueredo, which will later become Cuba’s National Anthem, was sung for the first time.

Cuban musician Pancho Amat, fine artist Ever Fonseca, writer Francisco López Sacha, actress Alina Rodríguez and Cuban History Institute President, researcher René González Barrios, will be on hand at the gathering. Cuba’s Spanish Ballet Company, troubadours Tony Ávila, Adrián Berazaín, Kelvis Ochoa and the band Jóvenes Clásicos del Son; comedians Kike Quiñones, Luis Silva, Carlos Gonzalvo, Mustelier and Miguel Moreno; the theater ensembles Dripy, El Portazo and Caobín, and the Entre voces and Professional Choirs of Bayamo are included on the agenda.

Theoretical events, such as the 22th Crisol de la Nacionalidad, the Bayart Handicraft Fair, the Third National “Danzón” Encounter and the opening of a wax sculpture of Juan Former to pay tribute to the former director and founder of Los Van Van, late Cuban musician,  Juan Formell, at the city’s Wax Museum.The Cuban Spirit Festival will focus on highlighting the historical significance of the burning of the city of Bayamo in January, 1869, at the beginning of the first independence war against Spain, and the Guáimaro Constitution of April, 1869, which inaugurated the Republic in Arms.

More than 500 participants from the fields of literature, music, dance, theater, fine arts, movies and other art forms are involved in the cultural gathering. Guests from Mexico and the Dominican Republic will also be on hand.


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