Havana, August 21 (RHC)-- Artists, journalists and cultural institutions in Cuba expressed their sorrow at learning of the death of National Journalism Award winner Jose Luis Estrada Betancourt, who contributed to the promotion and defense of national art and its young avant-garde.... More

Lima, August 18 (RHC)-- Award-winning Peruvian poet Hildebrando Pérez has urged his country’s new authorities to lend a helping hand to Cuba at this difficult time. He said Peru should follow the example of other Latin American nations and mentions Argentina, Bolivia and Mexico and send medical inputs and medicines to the Caribbean island state for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.... More

Havana, August 18 (RHC)-- Organizers of the Sanremo Music Awards develop initiatives to send medicines and food to Cuba at the current difficult situation marked by the Covid-19 pandemic and Washington’s stepped up blockade policy.... More

Havana, August 18 (RHC)-- A program of activities has begun nationwide to mark the 60th anniversary of the Association of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC). Activities on Tuesday, August 17th, included the reopening of refurbished facilities at UNEAC national headquarters in Havana.... More

Havana, August 18 (RHC)-- Cuban singer-songwriter Nelson Valdés prepares the release of a new audiovisual production in CD-DVD format dedicated to Bartolomé Maximiliano Moré Gutiérrez –better known as Benny Moré or simply ‘El Benny’—on his 102nd birthday anniversary, to be celebrated on August 24th.... More

Havana, August 17 (RHC)-- Singer-songwriter Eme Alfonso prepares the release of new creations, featuring different styles and genres from what her followers are used to.... More

Havana, August 17 (RHC)-- Activities these days to celebrate the 95th birthday anniversary of Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro included the inauguration of two collective exhibitions at the José Martí Memorial at Havana’s Revolution Square.... More

Havana, August 17 (RHC)-- A virtual debate began Tuesday, August 17, in Cuba to reflect on Cuba, its Revolution and the challenges it faces today.... More

Havana, August 13 (RHC)—A new documentary film, premiered Thursday in Havana, which reveals the full validity of the ideas of Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro in today’s world.... More

Havana, August 13 (RHC)-- The international virtual meeting ‘Fidel, un hombre de ciencia con visión de futuro’ or in English ‘Fidel, a farsighted man of science’ takes place this Friday, August 13th, as tribute to Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro on his 95th birthday anniversary.... More

Havana, August 12 (RHC)-- American-born documentary filmmaker Estela Bravo presented her book ‘Más allá de la leyenda’, about Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro on the 95th anniversary of his birth –celebrated on August 13th.... More

Havana, August 12 (RHC)-- The Organization of Latin American and Caribbean Students (OCLAE by its Spanish acronym) celebrated its 55th anniversary, with a tribute to Fidel Castro, whom they call the comrade and leader in so many battles against imperialism and for regional unity and solidarity’ on occasion of Fidel’s 95th birthday anniversary on August 13th.... More

Havana, August 12 (RHC)-- Cuban musician Janio Abreu is participating as a guest artist in the Ibero-American Choir of Clarinet Players ClariPeru, taking place in the South American nation.... More

Havana, August 12 (RHC)-- Cuban musician Enrique Álvarez and his popular music band Charanga Latina have released a new music video for the tune ‘Qué fuerte te da’, the title track of the band’s latest musical production.... More

Havana, August 11 (RHC)-- The Havana branch of Cuba’s artistic and literary promotions company Artex S.A. has launched a campaign called “Aprendimos a saberte eterno” on the 95th birthday anniversary of leader Fidel Castro.... More