Cuba to compete in South American Skating Open

Sept 26, -- Cuba is sending three men and a woman to compete in the South American Skating Open to be held in Santiago, Chile, from Oct 14 to 20.

Cuba`s National Commissioner of Skating David Mesa said Wednesday the Cuban delegation includes Leyda Diaz and Daniel Cubelo in artistic roller skating and Antonio Garcia and Guillermo Munoz in speed skating.

Cuba`s skaters will aim for spots on the podium, but it will be difficult due to the high level of competition, which includes several world-class medal winners.

The president of the Chilean Skating Federation, Roberto Rodriguez, on the other hand, said the presence of the Caribbean island nation in the competition was "very important."

"They (Cubans) have improved a lot," said Rodriguez, adding organisers have expanded the scope of the competition, "so other guest countries from the central Caribbean region will also participate."

Other countries competing in the South American Skating Open, which will be held at Santiago`s Sports Coliseum, include Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela. /SOURCE: IANS

Edited by Juan Leandro


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