Agricultores harvests its first victory in the LEBC finals

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-01-17 22:38:26


Photo: Giovanni Martínez

By Orlando González Cruz

Havana, January 17 (RHC)-- The Agricultores team got its first victory on Tuesday in the grand final of the Elite League of Cuban Baseball (LEBC) by defeating Portuarios with a 14-9 score, closing the difference in this decisive instance to only one game.

With one of the most loyal fans of the championship completely filling the stands of Nelson Fernandez Stadium, the Agricultores had the obligation to win, because if the scales tipped towards the home team it would leave the eastern team practically without options (let's remember that no team has ever come back in a final play-off, after losing the first three games during the domestic classics). Carlos Martí's team relied on their most lethal weapon: their powerful offense, and did not stop until they reached home 14 times.

The game was extremely emotional. The Agricultores scored three in the first inning against the Portuarios' starter, Raymond Figueredo. At the end of that inning, the Portuarios scored one against Ángel Sánchez, and added six more in the fourth inning, when they made the left-handed Sánchez jump off the mound.

Trailing by four on the scoreboard, the Agricultores appealed to their long-range batting and scored eleven runs from the fifth to the ninth innings, with the Alarcón brothers as the main protagonists. Yordanis batted 5-3 (1Hr/2CI), while Yosvani batted 6-4 (1Hr/5CI).

The winner of the game was the big man for the Eastern pitchers in this decisive stage, Yoel Mogena, who in twelve times at bat tolerated only one run, gave two strikeouts and gave away one ticket; it is worth mentioning that Mogena has worked in all his team's games. The loss went to the talented Marlon Vega.

Now, the grand final of the Elite League is two games to one, in favor of Portuarios. This Wednesday both teams will meet again in San José to play the fourth game of the play off. If Michael Gonzalez's pupils win, they would put the final series in a slam dunk, but if Martí's disciples win, they will have to return to their headquarters at the Mártires de Barbados, regardless of what happens in the always important fifth game.

The champion of the Elite League will be Cuba's representative in the upcoming Caribbean Series "Gran Caracas 2023", which will take place next February 2-10.


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