Brazilian Unions Call for Another National Strike Against Temer

Edited by Pavel Jacomino
2016-11-21 16:55:02


Brasilia, November 21 (RHC)-- Trade unions and social movements in Brazil called for new protests as well as a national strike against the neo-liberal agenda of President Michel Temer and the approval of a law that would seriously limit the budget for social programs for the next 20 years in the country. 

The decision comes after a Brazilian Senate committee approved a constitutional reform called PEC 55, proposed by the coup-government of Temer, earlier this month.  If passed, PEC55 will limit the growth of government spending for each year to the inflation rates of the previous year, meaning it will no longer be dictated by GDP revenue growth. 

The text was previously approved by the lower house of Congress and will now face two sets of voting, with all members of the chamber, on November 29 and December 13. 
On Sunday, organizations took part the 13th Black Consciousness Day March, designed to commemorate the nation's Afro-Brazilian heritage and struggle.  A nationwide strike will follow on Friday, November 25. 

The national coordinator of the Landless Workers Movement, the MST, Guilherme Boulos, said last week's national strike was just the beginning of organized workers resistance against Temer's coup government.  Eight major trade unions joined last week's national strike, with thousands of residents in the capital of Brasilia and other major cities going without public transportation services after several roads were blocked. 

In response to PEC 55, which will force all future governments to limit expenditure in health, education, social welfare and public services for the next two decades, students occupations of education institutions have spread like wildfire, with over 1,100 public schools and universities across 19 states now occupied. 

Although Temer has very low approval ratings in Brazil, he is set to complete Rousseff’s presidential term until the next scheduled election in late 2018.


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