Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro launches electoral campaign for May 20th elections

Edited by Pavel Jacomino
2018-04-24 14:42:10

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro poses for photos with residents of Bolivar state after speaking to the press at the launch of his electoral campaign.  Photo

Caracas, April 24 (RHC)-- Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela and candidate of the Frente Amplio de la Patria, the FAP -- a coalition of Leftist and progressive political parties -- kicked off his presidential campaign during a press conference in Bolívar state on Monday.  The Venezuelan president said that “this is a new start to get 10 million votes and with the blessing of God we will have the victory." 

Maduro spoke about his Plan de la Patria 2025 (Homeland Plan 2025) which includes improving both education and public healthcare sectors, building five million new homes as well as revolutionizing the economy. 

The president further stressed that "love will triumph over lies, manipulation and economic war."  He also stated that he has been loyal to the legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez and that he is ready for the upcoming elections scheduled for May 20th.  "Five years ago I was a rookie, I was beginning a path full of pain, but here I'm ready for the battle." 

Commenting on the violent events in Nicaragua, President Maduro said he has been in contact with President Daniel Ortega arguing that the government there is “facing a violent ambush by groups that unfortunately have done a lot of damage to that country, as has happened in Venezuela." 

Maduro added: "I am sure that Nicaragua will achieve peace, that the strength of its people will triumph over these violent groups." 


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