Nicaraguan opposition acting in "bad faith" at peace talks

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2019-04-25 21:47:12

Lawmaker Wilfredo Navarro.

Managua, April 25 (RHC)-- In Nicaragua, one of the government's peace negotiators has accused the country's right-wing opposition of acting in bad faith during the peace negotiations with the Sandinista government.

Lawmaker Wilfredo Navarro forms part of the negotiating team for the Sandinista Liberation Front.  He told reporters that a deliberate lack of communication from the opposition "Alianza Civica" coalition shows the split within the movement and makes a mockery of the peace negotiations.  The talks have been called by the government to bring an end to the violence the country suffered following far-right protests, which some have labeled a "soft coup."

Sandinista representative Navarro said: "They want to be at the negotiations and then they don't.  With this bad faith attitude, they are putting the negotiations at risk and if a difficult situation were to arise, it would be their responsibility."

State media also reported that Navarro accused the opposition coalition of acting in a manipulative and misleading manner, and that their in-out attitude shows a lack of unity with Alianza Civica, a coalition made up of business and landowner groups.

Nicaragua's Foreign Minister Dennis Moncada, however, remains hopeful about the potential for talks and said: "Our delegation will sit today at the Negotiation table as it has been doing all this time, namely, to talk, dialogue and seek peaceful solutions that benefit the people."

The negotiations between the Sandinista government and the right-wing opposition have been ongoing since March 27, 2019, with the aim of finding a peaceful solution after a year of violent protests from U.S.-backed groups.  So far, there is agreement that a representative from the Vatican and the OAS will be independent arbiters.  The Catholic church played a prominent role in supporting right wing protests.

One Sandinista supporter said: "The Holy Father blesses dialogue and understanding among Nicaraguans.  It's a pity that, here in Nicaragua, the Catholic Church leaders are not interested in peace.  They only think about power, politics and evil.  Long live peace! Nicaragua wants real peace!"

Nicaragua is also facing U.S. economic sanctions, after Trump's national security advisor John Bolton labeled the country as part of a so-called "Troika of Tyranny," along with Cuba and Venezuela.


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