Yellow Vests march for 37th week amid media silence in France

Edited by Ed Newman
2019-07-27 18:14:32


Paris, July 27 (RHC)-- For the 37th consecutive Saturday the anti-government Yellow Vests marched throughout France.  They continue to be the only social movement in recent memory which has not gone on Christmas or now summer vacation.

According to reports from Paris, the Yellow Vests’ determination to finally win some concessions and major democratic changes has caused them to endure 8 months of brutal repression, mass arrests, thousands of prison sentences, 900 serious injuries at the hands of police and bans on protesting in urban centers and rural areas.

After eight months, no one can determine the popularity rating of the Yellow Vests, because the nation’s polling agencies have completely censored the subject.  Four months ago, it  was the last public poll, which gave the Yellow Vests a 50% approval rating.

The demonstrations in Paris continue to only be openly covered by Iranian and Russian media. For all of 2019 French media has been too scared to openly do their job at the Yellow Vest demonstrations, even when they are accompanied by bodyguards.  Yellow Vests say that much of their media coverage is one-sided, and over the past two months shockingly non-existent.

Despite the government repression, the police violence, the lack of media objectivity and the lack of proper polls, nothing indicates that the Yellow Vests are going to stop marching.  While August is expected to be relatively quiet, most analysts say that the Yellow Vests will be leading massive anti-government marches throughout France this fall.



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