Venezuelan parliament hits back at John Bolton over coup confession

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2022-07-16 13:39:12


John Bolton, the former US national security adviser, adjusts his glasses     (Photo by Reuters)

Caracas, July 16 (RHC)-- The Venezuelan parliament has slammed the megalomaniac former U.S. national security advisor following his brazen confession that he orchestrated government overthrows abroad, dubbing him "crazy."

The South American country's National Assembly voted unanimously to condemn John Bolton's comments, with the assembly president Jorge Rodriguez saying: "Venezuela ... will never surrender."   Rodriquez, a member of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela, denounced the planned coup and the support it received from the opposition.   

In an interview with CNN on Wednesday, Bolton said that he had "helped plan coups d'etat -- not here, but, you know, other places", suggesting that he had played a direct role in the coups abroad, including in Venezuela.  “As somebody who has helped plan coup d’états, not here, but, you know, other places, it takes a lot of work," Bolton said.

Bolton continued, against the anchor's insistence to explain these unprecedented statements to his role in the coup against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, saying he was "not going to get into the specifics."

Later in his remarks, he cited Venezuela as an example in his book.  "I wrote about (the coup in) Venezuela in the book, and it turned out not to be successful.”

Rodriguez described the open confession as "an extraordinary feat of brazenness".  "What was in the mind of this crazy John Bolton was that the violence would accelerate so that they could have an excuse for the invasion... a military invasion in Venezuela," he said, calling the former Trump aide a "psychopath."

"We can never tire of thanking the dignified people and Venezuelan Armed Forces that repelled the most serious attack the republic has suffered in 150 years," said Rodriguez.

Diosdado Cabello, a former Venezuelan cabinet minister, in response to Bolton's claim about coups in other countries, called him “an inept who, for all the money (former US President) Donald Trump gave him, could not perform the order he received."

In 2019, as former U.S. President Donald Trump's national security advisor, Bolton publicly supported the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó who had requested the country's military to help him overthrow the government of Nicolás Maduro.

It happened on April 30, 2019, when Guaidó, his political mentor Leopoldo Lopez, and some Venezuelan army officials assembled outside a military base calling for the Venezuelan Army's top brass to remove Maduro from power.   The U.S.-backed plot, however, was thwarted and Maduro remained in power, despite the U.S. insisting on formally recognizing Guaidó as the country's "legitimate" leader.

The United States has a long history of carrying out coups in other countries.  Still, usually, the officials of the country never openly admit their role in them.



  • David Wade's gravatar
    David Wade
    16/07/2022 05:03 pm

    Mr. Pastry's coup-making days are over, and he should start baking a bomb shelter in his back yard. The US military budget is approaching $1 trillion per year, but I have just listened to several US Air Force generals indicating that the US missile defense system is behind that of Russia and China, and, for example, that they might not be able to protect Alaska from a missile attack. How about some Baked Alaska or Alaska turnovers, Mr. Pastry?

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