Venezuelan president highlights collective work in recovery of the country

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-01-01 09:24:00


The Bolivarian leader stressed the importance of empowering the people and involving them directly in the management of government, | Photo: @PresidencialVen

Caracas, January 1 (RHC)--Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro thanked his compatriots for the effort and perseverance shown in 2022, which he considered a year of accomplished goals and the first of a cycle marked by national recovery.

During his traditional New Year's Eve message, the head of state stressed that unity, collective effort, participatory democracy and work with new and bold methods allowed overcoming numerous challenges throughout the last 12 months.

He recalled that the work of the government was articulated on the basis of six lines of work designed in detail to move Venezuela forward.   The Venezuelan president referred to the recovery and diversification of the economy, taking into account all the experiences and initiatives for the country to overcome the more than 900 unilateral restrictive measures imposed by the Government of the United States.

Nicolas Maduro highlighted the dynamization of the credit system, entrepreneurship, non-oil production and food production.  He pointed out that the country produces 95 percent of the food it consumes and leads the regional economic growth during the last semester.
Regarding social work and protection of the people, President Maduro highlighted the return to classes one hundred percent in person and the delivery of the 4 million 400,000 houses of the Gran Vivienda Venezuela Mission, as well as the protection mechanisms for the more than 23,000 families affected by the incessant rains, particularly in Las Tejerías and Castaños, in Aragua.

Referring to the work of ensuring the rights of the people to quality public services, the Venezuelan president praised the creation of the 1x10 method to build, together with the organized communities, work agendas and attention to the problems of the populations.

Nicolas Maduro valued that this work of management of public policies was done with the Popular Power, with the empowered, conscious and organized people.  Regarding the participation of the Popular Power in all the spaces of national life, he recalled that 70 percent of the leaders at community level were renewed, which contributes to concretize the socialist construction at territorial level.

During his New Year's Eve address, President Nicolas Maduro affirmed that Venezuela broke the political isolation to which the international right wing wanted to submit it, while defending its integrity, its sovereignty and the conquered peace.

He expressed that the country is admired and recognized in the new regional and global geopolitics, and maintained its work to strengthen the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People's Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac).

The Venezuelan leader considered that Latin America is turning towards progressivism, leaving behind a five-year period of servility to imperialism, and highlighted the recovery of relations with Colombia.

Among other issues, the Venezuelan prsdesident also referred to the transformation of the justice system to further strengthen the democratic State, the protection of human rights and deepen social peace.



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