Mexico Captures Head of Knights Templar Drug Cartel

Edited by Ivan Martínez
2015-02-28 12:45:01


Mexico City, February 28 (NNN-RHC)-- Mexican police on Friday captured one of the country's most wanted drug lords Servando "La Tuta" Gomez Martinez, head of the feared Knights Templar drug cartel.

The National Security Commission (CNS) said Gomez was seized in an early morning raid on a home in Morelia, capital of Michoacan, the central Mexico state the cartel has terrorized for years.

Gomez Martinez was alone at a house in Morelia at the time of his capture and is being taken to the installations of Seido, the organized-crime division of Mexico's Attorney General's Office, in the Mexican capital.

The arrest comes after federal forces killed or captured family members or associates of the reputed drug lord.

Gomez Martinez's dossier at the Mexican Attorney General's Office states that he was a teacher and then a farmer before getting into the illegal drug trade in the 1980s. Authorities say he became the leader of the Templarios after its top leaders were captured or killed.

Gomez Martinez gained further notoriety when dozens of videos leaked to the media, some of which were uploaded to YouTube, showed him having friendly meetings with officials and politicians in the western state of Michoacan.

The Templarios arose in December 2010 as an offshoot of the La Familia Michoacana cartel and is accused by authorities of producing synthetic and natural drugs and smuggling them to the United States.


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