Mexican Farmworkers Will Not Give Up Fight Despite Intimidation

Edited by Ivan Martínez
2015-05-13 12:15:24


Mexico City, May 13 (teleSUR-RHC)-- A Mexican court has set the bail at almost $500,000 on three San Quintin farmworkers accused of property damage crimes during weekend protests the northwestern state of Baja California in response to police repression, the Mexican newspaper La Jornada reported Tuesday.

A fourth person’s bail was set at about $30,000. The detainees face charges for damages to private vehicles and police cars during the protests that erupted in response to a violent police raid early Saturday morning in the rural community of Triqui. Over 70 were injured, three killed, and 14 detained in the clashes, according to movement leaders.

Despite the repression and what farmworkers see as a government intimidation campaign to frighten workers into abandoning their struggle, San Quintin workers have said they will continue their strike until the government heeds their demands for better working conditions and a just salary. “Here we are suffering and it is the fault of the government that doesn't want to pay attention to us,” said farmworker Julia Hernandez to teleSUR. “We demand they give us a response.”

So far, the government has not budged on answering the workers' demands and has also denied accusations of excessive force in containing protests, rejecting workers' accounts of events. According to farmworkers, the government's only action has been repression. “The government has only been in charge of sending police to harm us, they have injured children and the don't take any of the blame,” said Hernandez. “What they are doing to us is not just.”


Farmworkers and human rights organizations have criticized the government's stubbornness toward their movement that's caused an impasse. They also called for the immediate resignation Monday of Baja California Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid over Saturday's police violence.


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