Cuban NGOs voice solidarity with Venezuela following presidential assassination attempt

Havana, August 8 (RHC)-- The Cuban Friendship Institute, ICAP, has expressed its support for Venezuela and its Chavista leadership in the face the recent assassination attempt against President Nicolas Maduro. 

The well-known Cuban non-governmental organization stressed that in spite of an on-going political siege, the Bolivarian government remains standing in Venezuela and struggles to  preserve the social gains attained.

In a statement released in Havana, the Cuban Friendship Institute strongly condemned the attack with explosive drones against Nicolas Maduro during a military parade in Caracas over the weekend.

The communique called the attack against the Venezuelan president a desperate attempt to achieve, through the assassination, that which multiple other actions had failed to attain.

And also in Havana, the Organization of Solidarity with Asia, Africa and Latin America, OSPAAL, blasted the failed assassination attempt against Nicolas Maduro. 

OSPAAL said a desperate and cornered ultra-right Venezuelan oligarchy and its imperialist allies resorted to such horrendous action because they know themselves politically defeated. With the attack, said OSPAAL, the so-called “democratic opposition” in Venezuela has been completely disqualified.

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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