Granma newspaper blasts Bolsonaro for encouraging desertion in Brazil of Cuban medical personnel

Edited by Pavel Jacomino
2018-11-21 15:53:44

Granma newspaper denounces encouragement of Cuban doctors to stay in Brazil.  Photo: Granma

Havana, November 21 (RHC)-- Cuba’s Granma newspaper warns that encouraging the desertion of Cuban doctors in Brazil is the intent of the policy of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, who affirmed that he will offer political asylum to professionals who do not wish to return to the Caribbean nation.
An article published on Wednesday in Granma newspaper decries what Bolsonaro has done by dynamiting the More Doctors Program, and with it the guarantee of access to quality health for millions of Brazilians.  In this respect, the newspaper recalls many other attacks from the regional right on Cuban international collaboration.

The Cuban newspaper warns that this sabotage is clearly in line with U.S. foreign policy, and compares it with the Parole Program for Cuban Medical Professionals, a migratory scheme of the United States Government that lasted for several years. 
The article cites a paper by a professor of the Center for Hemispheric Studies and the United States of the University of Havana, Ernesto Domínguez, who states that the intention of such policies is to damage the cooperative efforts of Cuba, reduce the exit of money in the form of payments for those programs and expel the doctors and other medical professionals from the country. 
Domínguez argues in his paper that the situation can not be completely explained outside a global analysis, which considers structural inequalities, migratory networks, world politics, especially the asymmetry in the distribution of power, and the hegemony of Western and cultural media. 


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