Cuban president demands personal, family and institutional responsibility in the fight against COVID-19

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2020-03-24 08:35:11


Havana, March 24 (RHC)-- President Miguel Díaz-Canel has demanded responsibility from all Cubans in the confrontation with COVID-19 - which already counts 40 confirmed cases on the Island. The situation requires "the commitment of the institutions, the family and the citizens in general.

In an exchange via videoconference with the top provincial authorities and of the special municipality Isle of Youth Monday, the president explained that the country is not within a bubble.

"The new coronavirus is coming to us, and it is doing so at an exponential speed. That is why the first thing we have to do is make people aware of the risk so that they act responsibly," he added

The President argued that the only way to achieve this is through social isolation; noting that  "we have to do that today, not tomorrow, which means keeping as many people as possible at home with little contact with others." 

Diaz-Canel urged to eliminate the crowding of people and to continue promoting that only those who must make the necessary tasks leave their homes. 

"Vulnerable people must be protected, social and family activities must be suppressed, queues at the markets must be organized, and in short, all measures must be complied with,"  said the President.

The president acknowledged that Cubans have become more aware in recent days and have acted differently.  However, he pointed out that on the weekend there were still people in the streets, queues without keeping the required distance and massive sales of products in the shops.

Faced with this situation, he asked for an analysis of everything that can be sold through the rationed system and with order in queues. He also called for limiting visits from family and friends.

 "This is everyone's responsibility, and we will resolve it together".

The Cuban president highlighted the important support of the National Revolutionary Police, along with the popular participation, "in the orderly way we have to achieve in the streets so that people do not fail to comply with decisions. He also referred to the legal support that the measures have and the imposition of fines and sanctions on those who break the law.


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