Cuba Maintains Policy of Zero Tolerance of Trade in Persons and Sexual Abuse

Havana, October 16 (RHC)-- Maria Esther Reus, Minister of Justice, presented a national report on Tuesday on the legal fight on sex abuse and other crimes in 2012. The minister said that Cuba maintains a policy of zero tolerance of trade in human beings and other forms of sexual abuse, and guarantees citizen’s human rights, based on laws that punish actions incompatible with the ethical values of Cuban society.

She stressed that the Cuba has signed and ratified, the principles proclaimed in the UN Charter.

The justice minister referred to 241 persons who were tried for acting as pimps last year, 224 of which were convicted.

Reus pointed out that cases related to the abuse of minors are minimal in Cuba and there were no cases of trade in human beings since Cuba is not a country of origin, transit or destination.

Reus went on to say that nationals and foreigners are on equal terms in the eyes of the law, and there is no differentiation at the time of judging or sentencing.

The minister added that the government devotes efforts and resources to prevent the sexual abuse of minors, and emphasized that the island receives and offers information on the subject through international established, mechanisms and that Cuba is always opened to cooperation with other nations to fight this scourge.

Edited by Juan Leandro


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