U.S. Blockade Prevents Cuba from Accessing Competitive Markets

Edited by Juan Leandro
2013-10-18 13:37:51


Havana, October 18 (RHC)-- Cuba is forced to seek the import products it needs at markets much further than normal and at high prices because of the US blockade of the Island, which leads to excessive expenditures that could be used to meet other needs of Cuban people.

A high-level official at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Trade told reporters that the United States persecutes Cuban export opportunities and tries by all means to curtail normal trade ties of the Island with other markets.

Funds that Cuba has to pay in excess because of the US blockade conspires against the satisfaction of needs of the Cuban people that go unresolved by the effects of Washington’s hostile policy.

Cuban Foreign trade has reported losses of nearly four billion dollars as a result of hostile actions by the United States aimed at curtailing normal economic ties between Cuba and its suppliers.

Even a Cuban national that holds an account in dollars in a non-US bank is threatened by US. Financial persecution, the Cuban official said and added that one best example of the US blockade of Cuba is the West German pharmaceutical group Bayer, a company with which Cuba did business before the Cuban Revolution began.

Bayer has moved its headquarters to the United States and automatically has had to stop its so far smooth business relationship with Cuba because under the provisions of the US blockade of the Island it can no longer do it. Thus, Cuba has been forced by the US blockade to stop doing business with Bayer, just because the German drug giant has moved to the United States.

Contracts that had been in effect with the pharmaceutical company have been canceled on US orders; so, Cuba is now forced to seek other providers to replace Bayer's drugs, which will no longer be available to Cuban patients, because of the US. Blockade.


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