Cuba Seeks to Deepen Trade Ties With Jamaica

Kingston, October 23 (RHC) – Cuba is looking to deepen its trade cooperation with Jamaica, said the country’s new Ambassador to Jamaica, Bernardo Guanche Hernandez.

Speaking Tuesday at a government forum in Kingston, Guanche hailed the high level of bilateral relations reached so far between the two neighboring nations, saying his government was evaluating ways to further improve and strengthen these ties.

“We think that we could further this relation specifically in the field of trade,” a Caribbean Journal report quoted Guanche as saying.

The diplomat also highlighted the deep sense of friendship and brotherhood between both peoples.

“We have received love and respect from every Jamaican we have met either on the streets or from organizations,” he said. “Likewise, Cubans feel the same love and respect for Jamaica. When Usain Bolt wins one of his races that is also a victory for Cuba. I wish you could see the happy faces of the Cubans when Usain Bolt wins a race how they would applaud and look so happy.”

Cuba and Jamaica have cooperated on a number of initiatives in recent years, particularly in the health sector.

Edited by Juan Leandro


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