Walk in Panama against the U.S. blockade of Cuba

Edited by Catherin López
2023-04-16 10:59:16


Poster of the walk against the blockade of Cuba.


Havana, Apr 16 (RHC) The National Coordinator of Solidarity with Cuba in Panama called for a walk today against the U.S. blockade of the island, imposed for more than six decades.

According to a message from the group, participants in the initiative will start from the Mi Pueblito tourist complex in the capital and will climb the Ancon Hill to the base of the national flag at its highest point.

The tour of this area is loaded with symbols since this area was illegally occupied by the US military until it was transferred to the Isthmian nation by the signing of the Torrijos-Carter Treaties in 1977.

April 16 is also remembered in Cuba as the day when its historic leader Fidel Castro proclaimed the socialist character of the triumphant Revolution in 1959.

The walk takes place 62 years before the mercenary invasion of Playa Girón (1961, Bay of Pigs), orchestrated in Washington, which failed in less than 72 hours and remains as the first defeat of the United States in Latin America.

In the isthmus, the collective in solidarity with Havana is an active protagonist in other actions against the hostile policy of the White House, among them the realization of caravans through the Panamanian capital and the collection of resources for the acquisition of medical supplies sent to the Island to favor health care, among others.

The activists have also denounced in their demonstrations the inclusion of Cuba in the list of alleged countries sponsoring terrorism, which reinforces the dissuasive and intimidating impact of the blockade, as well as the difficulties of the island being inserted in international trade and carrying out financial operations. (Source: Prensa Latina)




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