Cuba Strives for Expanding its Renewable Energy Sources

Edited by Juan Leandro
2013-11-08 13:06:18


Camagüey, November 8 (RHC}- The chair of the Cuban non-governmental organization Cubasolar, Luis Bérriz, has pointed out that over fifty percent of Cuba’s energy bill goes to pay for water supply. Bérriz added that this calls for greater applications of renewable energy sources in that field, and he said that the more we increase the use of renewable energy to replace traditional sources, the further we will advance.

CUBASOLAR is one of the institutions that attended the Third National Workshop on Technological Promotion in Havana, which discussed ways to reduce the nation’s dependency on fossil fuels while taking advantage of alternatives.

Cuba burns annually eight point eight million tons of oil, half of it imported, at a cost of some three billion dollars and over 95 percent of Cuba’s electricity consumption depends on this contaminating source.

Bérriz argued that Cuba can take advantage of the sun, the wind, biomass, seatides and other energy sources that are readily available and more in line with the improvement of the economy and the protection of the Environment.

The Cuban expert noted that even if initial investments might appear be expensive, the long term advantages are undeniable.

The workshop exhibited water pumps and purifying stations powered by solar energy, including windmills, solar panel farms and turbines installed in sea channels, which use marine currents to generate electricity.

The Cuban Science, Technology and the Environment Deputy Minister, Mrs. America Santos, visited the workshop and urged the participants to press on with promoting clean energy sources for the country’s and the world’s benefit.


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