Cuba Grants Former US Attorney General Friendship Medal at Forum for the Cuban Five

Edited by Alberto Chirino
2013-11-17 12:39:18

Holguin, November 17 (RHC) William Ramsey Clark, former US attorney general was awarded the Cuban Friendship Medal, which is granted by the Cuban Council of State, during the 9th International Colloquium for the Freedom of the Cuban Five and against Terrorism.
Relatives of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters arrested in 1998 in the US pinned the medal on Ramsey Clark, an active fighter for civil rights.
Clark thanked the Cuban people and the Revolution, which he described as the greatest of its kind ever. The world owes a lot to the Cuban Revolution, said the former attorney general during the international forum which wound up Saturday in eastern Holguin province.
Cuban Friendship Institute president Kenia Serrano said that the US activist has always opposed Washington’ s economic blockade of Cuba and he has always supported the cause of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters.
Ramsey Clark was one of the delegates at an open tribune of solidarity with Ramon Labañino, Gerardo Hernandez, Rene Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando Gonzalez, internationally known as the Cuban Five.
Over 300 delegates from different countries participated in the forum to update and draw up strategies around the world for the release of the heroes.
The Five infiltrated Florida-based organizations that planned terrorist actions against Cuba, such as the Cuban American National Foundation, the  so-called Brothers to the Rescue and Alpha 66, among other CIA-trained and sponsored groups based in the US city of Miami.
Four of the five are still serving unfair prison sentences in different US jails, while Rene Gonzalez returned to Cuba after he completed his prison term and managed to have his parole conditions modified in exchange for his American citizenship.
The Forum issued a final declaration calling for more actions of solidarity with the Five around the world, including a new a 3rd Five Days for the Five demonstration in Washington D.C. in June next year, further contacts with parliamentarians from around the world to put pressure on the US Congress and President Barack Obama, use the social networks for the campaign and add to it unionists, religious people, artists, intellectuals.
“It is not only Cuba, which they try to punish along the Cuban Five, but also each one of us,” the final declaration stressed. 


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