Washington Punishes Swiss Oil Company for Dealing with Cuba

Edited by Alberto Chirino
2013-11-26 19:06:02

Havana, November 27  (RHC) Washington fined Switzerland's Weatherford oil company with 252 million dollars for commercial operations with Cuba, Iran and Sudan, according to US authorities cited by international media.

 An official release by the US Treasury, the punishment against Weatherford is due to some business deals with Cuba between 2005 and 2008 which involved oil equipment.
 Cited by AFP news agency the release says that the Swiss company also exported technology and services calculated at 23 million dollars, aimed at Iranian oil fields and another group of materials and services was also exported to Sudan between 2005 and 2006 amounting to 296 thousand dollars.

The Swiss company was forced to pay 91 million dollars to the Treasury Department in what is considered the strongest fine imposed by that US entity to a non-financial company for violating the blockade of Cuba and sanctions on other countries unilaterally blacklisted by Washington.

Weatherford will also have to pay 87,2 million dollars to the Justice Department and 65, 6 millions to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which regulates the market of assets.
The rest of the money charged, another eight million dollars, will be divided between the Department of Trade and the Attorney General's Office of Texas. Having violated the US blockade of Cuba and sanctions on other countries has implied for Weatherford to submit itself the additional punishment of an audit to check its efforts aimed at abiding by the US policy of sanctions in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

 The announcement by the Treasury Department evidences the increasing stiffening of the over-50-year financial, commercial and economic blockade of Cuba and takes place just after an accord on the Iranian nuclear program was reached, which implies the lifting of some of the sanctions that Washington has imposed on Iran.


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