Cuban Foreign Minister Concludes Official Visit to Angola

Luanda, December 5 (RHC)-- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez declared in Luanda that his just concluded tour of several African nations is founded on the Caribbean Island’s deep convictions of cooperation with that continent.

The top Cuban diplomat has just concluded in Luanda a tour of African nations that also included Ethiopia, the Seychelles Islands, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Bruno Rodriguez said: “Africa, and in particular its Sub-Saharian region, is always in our hearts. We feel a debt of gratitude with this Continent, and cooperating with its nations is part of our deepest convictions.”

Cuba, he said, wants to contribute, however modestly, to the peace, development and social justice goals in this region, which has very close cultural proximity to our Island, its blood, its forebearers, its traditions of fighting for independence and for the abolition of slavery.

“Cuba, currently chairing the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, has, as one of its important aims, “to increase relations with the African Union”, the Cuban Foreign Minister said at the conclusion of his three day visit to Angola.

In Angola, he met with top government officials to strengthen friendship and cooperation ties.


Edited by Juan Leandro


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