Cuba-Australia Business Forum Debates Investment Opportunities

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2016-02-25 17:03:14


Havana, February 25 (RHC)-- On Wednesday, government representatives from Cuba and Australia participated in a business forum in Havana, where they showed a common interest in diversifying and strengthening bilateral trade relations.

The forum was presided over by Orlando Hernández, President of the Cuban Chamber of Commerce and Andrew Robb, Special Trade Envoy of the Government of Australia and former Minister of Commerce.

At the event, the two sides corroborated the need to promote bilateral investment in sectors like renewable energy, agriculture, tourism, cattle-raising, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, mining and oil.

Andrew Robb stressed the possibilities of the new Cuban investment law and the opportunities it provides for Australian entrepreneurs.

On Thursday, the Australian delegation toured the Special Development Zone of Mariel. 


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