Havana, July 16 (RHC)-- The communication platform Dominio Cuba denounced Friday a campaign against the Caribbean island in social networking applications, in the face of which transnationals maintain a policy of permissibility.... More

Havana, July 15 (RHC)-- The Mexican government returned 47 irregular migrants to Cuba on Friday, in the 27th air operation this year, in compliance with bilateral agreements on this issue.... More

Havana, Jul 15 (RHC) --Cuban President  Miguel Díaz-Canel spoke Friday with young Americans participating in a summer course sponsored by Casa de las Americas.... More

Havana, Jul 15 (RHC)-- Communist leader and Rebel Army fighter José Ramón Balaguer died Friday at 90, local media reported.... More

Havana, July 15 (RHC)-- The result of the joint work between X Alfonso, Eme Alfonso, and the group Síntesis, the  Ancestros Sinfónico CD, is available as of Friday on virtual platforms for free download in Cuba.... More

Havana, July 14 (RHC)-- Communication professionals in Cuba debated on Thursday the urgencies of the sector to break the media siege against the island and called for the 11th Congress of their organization.... More

Havana, July 15 (RHC)--Several videos are circulating on social networks of a protest in the Pinar del Río municipality of Los Palacios, where residents took to the streets to complain about the blackouts.... More

Havana, July 15 (RHC)-- The world population growth will reach 8 billion people on November 15, thus creating global challenges, Cuban specialists said on Thursday.... More

Havana, July 15 (RHC)-- Cuban Public Health Minister, Dr. Jose Angel Portal Miranda, called on the population to take extreme measures to control the dangerous dengue vector and stressed the awareness and involvement of the family and the neighborhood is vital.... More

Havana, Jul 15 (RHC)--The Cuba-Mexico Business Forum will conclude today with agreements after two business rounds, in which opportunities to expand economic, commercial, and financial relations were analyzed.... More

Havana, July 14 (RHC)--The 32nd U.S.-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan of Pastors for Peace will arrive in Cuba with 91 members as an expression of the ties of friendship and solidarity that unite sectors of the U.S. and Cuban people, even over threats and inhumane sanctions.... More

Havana, July 14 (RHC)-- Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez attended Thursday the inauguration of the Cuba-Mexico Business Forum, which runs until Friday in the capital.... More

Havana, Jul 14 (RHC)--The 25th version of Cuba's Family Code expands citizens' rights and guarantees based on the proposals of experts and the more than six million Cubans who participated in its discussion.... More

Havana, July 13 (RHC)-- Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel held a virtual meeting on Wednesday with the presidents of the municipal assemblies of People's Power and mayors, in which he explained the country's most pressing issues.... More

Santiago de Cuba, July 13 (RHC)-- This Wednesday as officially constituted the Science and Technology Interface Commercial Society of the University of Oriente (U.O.) CINTRO S.A. which will contribute, from its ties with different actors of the society to the development of the eastern region of Cuba and beyond.... More